SYROS SOUND MEETINGS 2016: Sound / Word Residency

Syros Sound Meetings 2016

Sound / Word

A 10-day residency for sound researchers & practitioners

22-31 July 2016

Old Jesuit Monastery

Ano Syros, Cyclades, Greece

Syros Sound Meetings, a self-funded initiative launched in 2012, is organising its fifth annual residency, in collaboration with the Syros Institute. Sound/Word is a joint 10-day residency for theorists, practitioners and researchers of all levels & backgrounds working with sound and/or texts across different media, and interested in the possible intersections between theory, ethnography, and practice-based research.

Staying at the converted guesthouse of a 17th-century Jesuit Monastery on the historic Ano Syros hillside, resident participants will spend their time working individually and together, listening, writing, recording and creatively engaging on site-specific or site-inspired projects.

Subjects of interest for the 2016 residency include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sound ethnographies & aural histories
  • Poetics of listening
  • Educational discourses on sound
  • Text scores & sound poetry
  • Representation, multimodality & mediation in sonic arts & sound studies
  • Embodiment, materiality and metaphysics of sound
  • Site-specificity in experimental music and sonic arts

During their stay, participants will be uploading provisional project ideas & in-progress documentation on a dedicated blog, where the public can follow the course of the residency, and learn about informal performances, talks and other open activities taking place during the participants’ stay in Ano Syros. Upon completion, the residency is expected to lead to one or more individual and collaborative publications and/or releases, whose form, contents and mode(s) of dissemination will be discussed and determined during the ten-day period itself.



Open Call 2016 Participants:

  • Sofia Canales
  • Joshua Carro
  • Jordan Dykstra
  • Vasilis Koutsogiannis
  • Eva Matsigkou
  • Anastasia Peki
  • Chrysanthe Tan
  • Marta Tiesenga

Invited Participants:

Coordination / Curation:

  • Yannis Kotsonis
  • Danae Stefanou

For information: